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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: we are getting a lot of comments about president obama calling the georgetown law student a fluke. have a great weekend, here is shepard. >>shepard: the news begins anew. on "studio b" today with weather alerts. a dangerous tornado outbreak from the gulf coast to the midwest and adding insult to injury, reported tornadoes plan to hit the same illinois town hit this week. a maximum security prison in the eye the storm: president is not bluffing when he says it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon and warns against a premature military strike on iran. >> at&t revised unlimited usage plan, another update. and, it has limits. that's all ahead.
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unless breaking news changes everything. >> but first from fox at 3:00, in miami, this afternoon, we begin with a fox news weather alert and word of more tornadoes to whiching down in the midwest and the south with new reports of clouds spotted near harrisburg, illinois, the sail town hard hit by a powerful tornado year. a reporter on the scene says he her warning sirens a short team ago this afternoon. and in alabama officials say tornadoes destroyed several homes in huntsville, in the northern part of the state and four people are hurt. we told that fierce winds ripped off part of a roof from a maximum security prison and no prisoners escaped. and now, to the weather center with rick. rick: the worst is yet to come and we have had a rough day with 17 reports of tornadoes already and the majority down if
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alabama. in april we had a big tornado outbreak, and there were storms in the morning, and it cleared up and they fired again in the evening and that is what we will see across the areas of alabama and toward mississippi but the worst of it are the two tornado warnings watch boxes here, parts of tennessee and kentucky, and maybe indiana, and ohio, also, that is the bull's i didn't. it will happen probably in the next three or four hours. there will be numerous tornadoes on the ground. we are seeing that across areas of the ohio river valley, harrisburg to the west of that they will clear out here. and the storm they had there today not as bad as in the east. you can see the cells lining up, exploding cross the same areas. to the north of louisville, cutting right around evansville,
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pretty big founds and in louisville a lot of rotation so that is scary. a big area under threat here. you can see all of this red, the moderate risk and this morning, a high risk. they do this less than ten times a year with that kind of a threat but it includes cincinnati, through louisville, lexington, and around the nashville area under a high risk for tornadoes. very rough situation on our hands and it will go in to the overnight hours toward the eastern side of this and. and headed in to the carolinas and the bull's eye right across the ohio river valley. >>shepard: watching the storms, the pink cells we rarely see. do you have a way of knowing how strong the potential for the core mades could be? rick: very strong. we are not talking -- you can have an we vent with ef1 or 2
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but this is possibly going to bring us ef3 or ef4 and not out of the question to see ef5 tornado and what we will see, you look, we are missing a couple pieces of data. but the cells are heading together. these tornadoes can get on the ground and stay for miles and miles. they continue to cause that destruction so we are talking about long lived big tornadoes that we have seen in harrisburg, the ef4, and last spring, that caused the damage. a very dangerous situation we are setting up the next few hours. >>shepard: we have talked all winter how winter missed most of the country, i have lived in new york for 13 years and never seen this, and the spring patterns are like mid-spring patterns. is there a sense that spring has just moved up? rick: certainly for this year.
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two things are in play. canada, we have talked how we have not had much winter. parts of southern canada have been freezing, the coldest air anywhere on the globe has been across canada. not much made it to the west. but the cold air is there and because it has been so warm here across areas to the south it feels like may in the south. it feels like a hot and humid and muggy day, not like march. and the cold air is in there and we have one of these things and you get the two air masses colliding, abnormally warm air and an normally cold air right now across areas of canada. >>shepard: usually, it seems like, you tell me, there is the jet stream, a clipper, that skirts along canada and dips in to the united states, goes back around and up off the east coast to canada, that never dipped this year did it? >>guest: at times but not long.
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scenely, you get a blocking pattern, a big area of high pressure that sets up over green land and the storms try to go off the coast and they cannot because the high pressure is blocking it and the cold stays cross the united states and the high pressure never set up across green land so any kind of cold we had, quickly moved off show and we did not have sustained periods in the united states. they had that in southern canada the last number of welcomes. >>shepard: lots of watch boxes and warnings out there. and now where the storms are happening, our storm chaser is on the line with us now, west of louisville, kentucky, in the area of a watch box. what do you see? do we lose contact? jeff?
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jeff? >>shepard: rick we will work to get back in to with him. the storm chasers have been showing us patterns all along and in the box areas you were showing us the winds come and go. it will be sunny and the clouds drop, and it is ominous. rick: generally you get the worst of the tornadoes with a nice sunny day, the heating of the day, heats the hair, and that shoots up throughout the afternoon, and this morning, though, we had a lot of storms that happened across alabama and that acts to stabilize the air. the rain 8:00s everything down for a long column, and, so, this was a chance that maybe on the southern fringe of here that could cool and stabilize the atmosphere but if this case, jet stream is way too strong and we have a jet ripping 150 miles per hour in the higher levels of the atmosphere, and, we are now getting clearing and you get the
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clearing and the heating and the dew point is high and all the engreedents are there for a very dangerous situation. even with that said, the first storms, the pictures we have seen, already, today, it is to the north of that where we will see the worst of it and this watch box across kentucky and indiana and ohio that has been domed a particularly dangerous situation so it is like taking a tornado watch box on steroids and saying it will be potentially much worse situation. that is where we will see long lasting big tornadoes. different watch boxes giving a little bit different thing. this right there is what is concerning. >>shepard: well keep a close eye. jeff, we have reestablished your connection. what is it like west of louisville. >>reporter: we have had regulatory made outbreaks to the northwest of louisville and it is a very dangerous situation,
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extremely dangerous, louisville. we have two tornado doing major damage northwest of louisville moving at 65 to 70 miles per hour and they will cross i-6520 north of louisville in 15 to 20 minutes, two tornadoes are in back of each other tracking forth of louisville. they are reporting damage, and, also. (inaudible) tornado warning, too, for several of the local counties, and this is north of louisville. in 15 minutes we will have two tornadoes cross north of louisville in 15 minutes. we have a wave of tornadoes, about 15, coming across kentucky. this is a tornado outbreak, very
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high risk, and a lot of destruction and a lot devastating tornado in the ohio valley this afternoon. >>shepard: we hope some of funnel clouds will not touch down. they are, that is often the case. they form, stay in the air and dissipate before they hit the ground. rick is in our extreme weather center and watching the same cells. what do you see? rick: you see somebody on the ground there giving us those reports and you look at radar and you see the radar and you can see that and someone has to spot it and tell you it is on the ground, one tornado 20 miles north of louisville, you can see it right there, another one lined up behind it so you have a tornado going through causing damage and you think you are clear. and then there is another one lined up and you see three tornado warning boxes lined up in a row moving over the same
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area. major flooding is occurring with this and he mentioned rain-wrapped tornado so the tornado is raining so hard you cannot visually see a tornado is coming. so if you have the warnings, you have to heed them. they are incredibly dangerous. there are 15 or so tornadoes lined up. dotted all right there. and i bet there is a tornado in each of those areas coming across the ohio river valley. >>shepard: we got another report from jeff, what are you seeing now? >>guest: a new, two tornadoes ... (inaudible) the tornado continues to track to i-65, two major tornadoes tracking to the northwest of louisville. we hope to be there as it crosses i-65, only ten miles
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from the tornado, and we will have tornadoes crossing i-65 in ten minutes. >>shepard: jeff, what area is that? >>reporter: southern indiana west of louisville and east evansville along highway 64 and coming from the northwest suburbs of louisville right new. >>shepard: all right. if you are not familiar and you live in tornado alley noaa weather radio gives the best updates and they work in the power goes down. the 1st much -- pretty much a more able day in cincinnati, louisville, indiana, and across and regions in to the south. the watch box rick has on the
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screen in the deep south from alabama to tennessee and beyond, this is not to diminish what could happen there. stay tuned. @=h
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>> there are watch boxes and a very serious set of situations developing on the maps below me. to my left on your screen you will see a like picture which is a streaming video coming from our storm chaser. his video is frozen at the moment and now it is rolling. but he is entering an area where we believe a tornado is now moving, 60 to 65 miles per hour. which is a very fast forward speed. our meteorologist is informing us they believe today's tornadoes could be much more severe than we have seen the last couple of days. an extraordinary day of tornado
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outbreaks across the central part of the country and our coverage continues in harrisburg, illinois, hit by storms early in the week and dealing with a whole new set of problems today. and new to mike live in that town. what do you see there? >>reporter: i will show you something that is remarkable. you her the storm system rick was talking about and i can show you the back end of it. look at the lous they are going 30,000 feet into the atmosphere, that has moved through harrisburg. just remarkable the fact that we have blue skies out, it is many 2nd and i am wearing shirt sleeves and everyone is back to life. you can see the traffic on the road, people getting back to the business they were in to yesterday of cleaning up the debris. and we saw the deputy sheriff out here, running on a couple of reports on collapse houses but there is no solid information of any new damage here in
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harrisburg despite the fact that heavy rain came through and a lot of lightning and thunder. >>shepard: and sirens that came with that, it sounded like there could have been activity a few miles away from you. >>reporter: the activity was 19 miles in that direction and we had some more tornadoes pick up about ten miles, i would say, if that direction over there. nothing hit here but in terms of whether people heeded the warnings, and by and large they did but not absolutely, we still saw cars on the road during the thick of it and people driving around and vulnerable inside the cars because there is no way to get shelter if you see the funnel cloud coming in your direction. >> powerful storms hit louisville with fierce winds uprooting trees and pulling down the power lines and thousands are without electricity and two
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tractor trailers are overturned if louisville, and one of the drives told authorities high winds causes accident. it is a fast-moving storm. and other stories in a moment: oil prices. dropping. not so much for gas prices. they are still climbing. and likely to keep climbing. gerri comes in to talk about that. and much more. that is, exceptional warnings across the central part of the country from jackson, mississippi, around atlanta, through nashville, cincinnati, toward cleveland. strong cells moving in to strong cells moving in to raleigh, north carolina. [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy.
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>>shepard: and now, gas prices inched up again for the 24th straight day. one lawmaker pressing our allies to ramp up oil production. the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.74 up a penny overnight. there is good news. the price of a barrel of crude is more than $106 down $2 alone. new york senator showers and storms is urging saudi arabia to increase oil production which could help lower costs and part of the problem today is iranian reports of an oil point line explosion in saudi arabia, and saudi arabia defies anything happened and republicans say the real answer to all of this mess is to increase production at home. gerri from fox business network is with us. we could hit an all-time record. >>gerri: it could happen. the last month prices have again up 29 cent a gallon so we could be at $4 if this continues by
12:24 pm
april. we took a look at how much prices go up between march and july 4, for the summer driving season, and the answer is 33 cent as gallon so that means we could be at $4.07 by july 4th but with the present trends and if left is the same. >>shepard: oil prices are down and gas provisions are up. >>gerri: it is called gouging, right, economists call it in special pricing terms, they go up if a heart team and slow to come down. people out there hate to give up the extra pennys a gallon and there was an investigation of gouging and there was nothing there, but i me that people do not like seeing this. >>shepard: anyone does. gerri, thank you, part of the best team in business, the
12:25 pm
willis report at 8:00 eas, on tx business network. we are continuing to watch the storms moving across the country this hour and that is the radar lop with the last frame right here a like look so the storms have moved to through the far eastern edge and the most serious part of it is to the northeast of nashville and up along the cincinnati area and we will continue to follow these and our storm chasers are up and out and about and risk is monitoring late developments in the weather center. the international red cross reports it has the beds of the subsequent list whose died last week coughing the bloodshed in syria and two other journalists stuck there under fire are finally home, and the syrian government forces are blocking the red cross from getting to the dead and wounded inside the city of homs and i have a report
12:26 pm
from the head of the united nations, the secretary subsequent of the u.n. and he has an ominous warning from reports inside syria all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions...
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. live this afternoon from miami
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beach. continuing coverage of severe weather that is rocking the heartland of america. the midwest, parts of indiana, illinois, and parts of kentucky, and severe warnings out this afternoon and i can tell you we have storm chasers out and about in central mississippi, our chief meteorologist is like if the fox weather center with an update. rick: there was tornado that went to the north of chattanooga with reports of damage and critical injuries in that area. that is the first batch of storms that moved through and a new tornado watch box and there are new ones brewing back here and on the left couple of frames, new storms in mississippi and alabama. but the worst what we are seeing are the cells along the ohio river valley from around north
12:31 pm
of louisville, and we have reports of a huge tornado on the ground right now, those two cells to the forth -- north of louisville, and they are going to be incredibly destructive with reports of damage do not have any knowledge of the injuries or fatalities but the cells are very large, big tornadoes on the ground, and one following the next. and another one behind that. so that is concerning here. and we have been talking how quickly the storms are moving at around 60 to 75 miles per hour in the former progression, but that is in the wind speed but how quickly the cells are moving so there is incredible wind but you do not get a lot of warning time and you cannot get in to a safe place so if you have a
12:32 pm
warning, you need to take precaution immediately. >>shepard: not a day to mess around. and we are talking about louisville, kentucky, stretching in to central mississippi, a small town in mississippi between the state capital of jackson and memphis, tennessee, where our storm chaser is now, vincent webb. i see clouds but it looks dry. >>guest: it is dry new. we have not gotten in to the rain yet but in pursuit of a severe storm north of winona area and the storms are not moving that fast but we are struggling because of the wind that is gusting at 20 or 30 miles an hour. we are waiting behind and trying to wait on things. right now all we are looking at is severe thunderstorms and super cells popping up so we are
12:33 pm
in behind and ready to move in and intercept them when they are ready. >>shepard: you are northbound toward grenada? >>guest: well, when we impact to winona and we are south of the storm in warsaw so we are headed east on highway 82. >>shepard: so, highway 82 from greenwood, mississippi, across winona and columbus, and that is the area with we are talking about, as we watch for the cells to develop, 2:33 p.m. central standard time so it is that tomorrow of day. all the best. be careful. >> now overseas while we watch the weather. it is a very bad day to syria. authorities blocked a red cross
12:34 pm
convoy from entering a battered syrian neighborhood. according to human rights group the troops killed hundreds of men and women and children in months long assault and today the red cross says the forces have stopped them from reaching a severely damaged area. the united nations secretary said of homs "we continue to see grizzly reports of summary executions, arbitrary detentiom and torture." they gathered in breast in another so to call on assad to step down and they expect syrian troops to target them in. jonathan hunt has been following this story for weeks and like in new york city. yesterday, we talked about the burying of two journalists who died and now their beds could come home. >>jonathan: the first step toward that undertaken today, we her directly from red cross
12:35 pm
officials today they have now taken possession of the beds of the journalist, maria colvin, american born, and the french photographer, when we last heard from the red cross they were driving the bodies in a ambulance toward damascus so they could now be coming home. and two others, two french journalists who also were stuck in homs get out and arrived home to crowds. edith was carried off on a stretcher and suffered back fractures of her leg and we have been hearing from british journalists paul con provide would was one of the trapped and help juried taken safely to lebanon and now back in london and talking graphically about what he witnessed in the city of homs. >> unparalleled systematic --
12:36 pm
there are no military targets this is a systematic destruction of civilians, prosecute, everything that they stand tore is gone. >>jonathan: and as you heard him say he witnessed many wars if his working life, said it is absolutely wrong to call this is war there are no military targets in homs it is simply the systematic slaughter of a civilian population. >>shepard: and they will not let the red cross to check you wonder how bad it is. the secretary-general says "summary execution," and "torturing," and, at the same time, jonathan, assad promises to let workers in. >>jonathan: they promised yesterday to let them in and the red cross said they reached the city of homs but they were prevented from beginning in to the neighborhood that they really desperately need to get
12:37 pm
in to and that is the center of the opposition, the neighborhood where the journalists were killed and injured, the neighborhood where hundreds and possibly thousands of syrian civilians are being murdered by the syrian army and those workers have been prevented from getting if there. because it was the secretary of the general to the n about system i think summary executions and torture is going on, it is clear why the assad regime does not want then to see that. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. and now the situation in iran, president obama says he sincere about the united states position against the iranians and with an interview published today he said and i quote, "i think both the iranian and the israel governments wreck noise when the united states says it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon we mean we say,"
12:38 pm
but he wanted against a premature attack "when there is not a lot of sympathy for iran and their only ally county syria, is on the ropes do we want a distraction where iran can be portrayed as victim? of course the president is set to most with the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu in washington, on monday, and iran is expected to be the topic of discussion. and now, former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense and firm director of strategy for the white house homeland security office and c.e.o. of a consulting firm. thank you, mike. i did not thing about this concept that iran would then be able to portray itself as a victim, but it would. >>guest: that is right, what is troubling here is we are playing chess. you is syrian issues, the price
12:39 pm
of oil issues, you have what will happen in iraq and afghanistan issues, all coming in to play and one of the two major pieces, is what we discuss the issue it is seem as a victim and you do not want to take aggressive action and the other thing, basically, iran is laying out the clock and if they can get it to a certain point of development before there is a strike, then the strike may thought be effective and that is the thing. you heard israel talking, there is a point beyond which their weapons may not be effective and only the united states weapons would be effective and there is no guarantee. >>shepard: there is an effort, maybe politically drive were, to make it seem as if the united states and israel are not getting along so well these days. is there any truth to that? >>guest: well, there is personal contribution between the two leaders, between netanyahu and president obama, and that does not mean they cannot do business together. not everyone has to get along to work together. that is overplayed.
12:40 pm
it is nice if everyone gets along but it is more important to stick together. but the real issue here is getting to the specificity of it. the u.s. says we are not willing to accept an iranian weapons almost. now, the difference here is that israel is worried about iran have willing nucleares of any sort if they have nuclear power, lesser enriched uranium, if there is a house down the street on fire i'm concerned, but if the house next door is on fire i'm really concerned so you have to give that issue, and with the united states saying no weapons program and israel saying any program at all county anything that involved nuclear when they prove they can use nuclear technology, that is where the wreck is for them. >> mike, thank you from washington. super tuesday is coming up after
12:41 pm
the weekend ends. depending on what happens that day the going nomination could be all but settled. or it could be more chaos. a review is ahead. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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12:45 pm
this battle is said to possibly last until june. that would mean three more months of republicans attacking each other pointing out their weak notices and using the campaign money and president obama, unchallenged, prepares for the general election. campaign carl cameron like in cleveland, he. romney called newt gingrich and rick santorum washington insiders but now he may have trouble making that argument. >>carl: well, today, rick santorum has a new word, a single word, with which to describe mitt romney and he calms hip a hypocrite stemming from a video that goes back ten years to mitt romney's 2002 run for the governorship. they say they were both lobbyists and earmarkers and relying on the washington pork
12:46 pm
but this is romney that was recorded by democrats and discovered by abc news and it changes the dynamic for romney. >> i'm a big believer in getting money where the money is, and the money is in washington i learned from my olympic expense if you have people who understand how washington works and have personal association there you can get money to help build economic development opportunity. >>carl: they said, look, the governor, at time a candidate, he did what all chief executives do, get their fair share of the federal taxes and go back to washington. all the governors do it and as for the charges from santorum and newt gingrich this makes him an earmarker, it cannot possibly be he requested money, et cetera, et cetera, and it was provided for through conditioning and the members of the legislation, the congressional delegate, the senators who ask for it so, just watch how romney has to deal
12:47 pm
with this when he is on tape talking about connections to washington and how it will help him get money. >>shepard: there is new polling and it clearly shows in the state of ohio that rick santorum is losing ground. >>carl: yes, now, listen, romney won both michigan and arizona and that gave momentum. and prior to that victory it was suggested he was up 11 points in ohio and now we have the first poll out this morning showing the gap is narrowed significantly and in the margin of error but santorum has a lead but 4 percentage point margin of error. for the conservatives santorum has a significant lead. of 13 points and self describe tea partyers it is 17 percent but when you talk about the moderates romney is up 20 points
12:48 pm
>>shepard: good luck. tuesday could be an opportunity for one candidate to pull ahead with key states up for grabs, and fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is like in washington, dc this afternoon and i have read all over the place today about what state is most important for whom and it looks like romney in ohio are a big deal. >>chris: ohio is the biggest state for both romney and santorum. look, it is the kind key state that republicans are going to have to win in november if they have a chance of unseating president obama like michigan, not his home state, but, manufacturing, blue-collar, a lot of working class people and it is very important. it is also the classic swing state, especially for republicans, and so if romney can when this he begins to obvious himself from the felt,
12:49 pm
and conversely if santorum wednesday he is right back in the race and you will start to hear talk again about a contested convention and maybe, some outsider joining in. depending on what happens in ohio we could be in a real, not to say it is over but romney is moving toward the nomination or we could be free of michigan with the uncertainty and doubts of romney's credibility and electability. >>shepard: ten states up for grabs, well, ten states are voting and every candidate has a good shot in at least one. >>chris: that right. paul in the caucus states, and romney is certainly going to win in the notes, massachusetts and vermont, and probably virginia, since only he and paul are open the ballot. santorum and nothing tug did in the get on. and another key state, georgia, that is newt gingrich's home state, he wasn't born there but where he served in congress.
12:50 pm
and he has to win it. he has said that. he has to win georgia. or he loses his credibility as a candidate. he has not said formally he will drop out but for all intents he is gone if he does not win. and both romney and rick santorum are making big efforts. >>shepard: well watch for you on sunday, chris, on the local fox stations and you will sit down with rick santorum and talk about the super tuesday. that could be interesting. and senators graham and senator from the senate armed services committee. we are monitoring the weather across the united states, with very severe storms moving northeast, and in the deep south our storm chasers are out and our weather center is on
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>>shepard: clarks county in indiana sent out a report to the associated press, multiple areas damaged by a large tornado, the areas include henryville, indiana, confirmed this henryville while was struck by this tornado but they have not yet shared any other information. it is my understanding that school should have been in session at that time. it is a normal school day on friday march 2 and it hit some time before 2:30 local time, henryville, indiana, with in reports of injuries and we know there is damage but we did not know about the school.
12:55 pm
in addition we are with our storm chaser in indiana, on the line and traveling along and locking like there is a little rain. what else? >>guest: well, i was following a cell that was starting to form better. rowation was stronger. the storms are moving extremely fast. and they are almost impossible to keep up with. they passed by me and i am on the back side of it traveling eastbound on u.s. 50 and just going through the area and checking for damage to report become to the national weather service. >>shepard: 65 miles per hour is the forward speed, which would get you a speeding ticket on many highways. incredible to see the cells moving so fast. >>guest: yes, yes, they are moving extremely fast. these type of set ups usually
12:56 pm
tend to have fast moving cells and that is what makes them extremely dangerous because the stem approaches you before you can have time to prepare and it is hard to get the warning out ahead of time to get enough lead time but the weather does a go job and they have had warnings out all day today. it will be very dangerous in the fast moving storm. >>shepard: the watch boxes from the fiscal year weather center on our weather maps, enormous areas of concern, and you can see them there, stretching from cincinnati all the way through louisville, and evansville, indiana, has been passed but you look at the last frame you can see this is more to come for evansville and in to mississippi, alabama, kentucky, and if you are in these areas keep up with the local weather
12:57 pm
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